ECG / EKG Technician Course

advancedcardiacfinalThis course is designed for the individual who is interested in expanding their
knowledge and skills with ECG/EKG training.
The goals for this program are to:

  • Instruct the student on ECG / EKG technician interpretation, application, and complications.
  • Help students master the ECG / EKG for physician offices, hospitals, stress tests, and overall monitoring of patients having an EC/ EKG performed.
  • Challenge the student on application of electrodes for all forms of ECG / EKG equipment.
  • Promote students’ understanding and recite the cardiac conduction system and how to interpret the wave forms.
  • Ensure that the student will recognize, recite, and note cardiopulmonary compromise.

Class will start on August 24th, 2015. Classes will be Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 8am – 4:30pm for 5 sessions total.

This course is 45 hours in length; combining both lecture and practical applications.

The Results

When you complete this program, you’ll have gained the ability to take the National Healthcare Association Certification Exam.
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