Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

advancedcardiacfinalFor practicing health care professionals, acquiring the skills and credential to provide advanced cardiac life support is an excellent way to enhance your career, expand your skill set, and make yourself more marketable in the professional world. Superior’s Advanced Cardiac Life Support program will deliver the kind of in-depth training that will equip you with the skills to respond effectively in the first 10 minutes of cardiac arrest or acute myocardial infarction (heart attack).

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The Experience

The ACLS program is an all-day class, designed for health care professionals who are either looking to gain this credential for the first time, or renewing an expired credential. The program covers the American Heart Association Guidelines ECC2010. To gain entry into the program, students must have their BLS-HCP credential and complete the AHA’s online pre-test. The course is typically offered on Saturdays, beginning at 7 a.m. and running until 6 p.m., at a cost of $250.00 (price includes the Textbook). If you already have a 2015 ECC Textbook, the course is $210.00 (please bring the Textbook with you).

The ACLS recertification course for previously certified ACLS professionals, meets for a shorter period of time and costs $200.00 (price includes the Handbook). If you already have a 2015 ECC Handbook, the course is $175.00 (please bring the Handbook with you).


The Results

When you complete this program, you’ll have gained the ability to treat adult victims of cardiac arrest, as well as other cardiopulmonary emergencies. And you’ll gain the necessary American Heart Association credential required by healthcare employers.

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